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    Our company is a joint venture specialized in producing and exporting all kinds of festival and daily-use household products . the location of head office is in beautiful city:hangzhou.

    We are experienced in designing,producing and exporting all the decorations for christmas day,Easter day and halloween etc.our "booming lion"brand decorations are all exported to america,Europe ,australia,japan and the like.our serial products ,reasonable price,good quality and Delivery in time will make every customer satisfied.

    We will supply you with the best service on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and in correct and efficient working style and flexible terms of payment .

    We welcome any requirement by fax,letter,telephone and your coming to our showroom to select the items you are looking for.your samples,pictures are also welcome.we will specially produce the goods by your samples and designings,and also welcome processing for supplied materials.

    "booming lion"brand decorations,your best choice!
    Copyright: Hangzhou Booming Lion Household & Festival Products Co.,Ltd.??? Tel:0086-571-88989292? Fax:0086-571-88989326?
    E-mail: gjzgxlsh@mail.hz.zj.cn?? chinabeauty@boominglion.com???  


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